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Sanremo 2011: The post of votes!

is now over the Sanremo Festival 2011, as we know with the strategic well-deserved victory of the "poet" Flack who put all agree even criticism! But who has won, however, between these two beautiful showgirls Belen and Elizabeth? Before reviewing the parade of clothes of each output to the voting, we talk about those in the fifth and final Sarata! For the final Canalis took the stage with three designer clothes Armani Prive really beautiful, and divinely Belen wore three models of Dior. The first out
Elizabeth has once again chosen a white gown studded with crystals and pendants, strapless while Belen wore a peculiar pink and decorated with sheer cliffs along the skirt of the delicious from the narrow silhouette. For the second magic output, Canalis presented with a beautiful long gown always decorated with large bronze-colored gemstones and gold, while Belen Dior ultratrasparente appears with a very veiled in black tulle, really interesting.
to finish before the awards ceremony the two valleys have chosen two dresses from pink powder in two different fabrics: silk embroidery with Belen for under the breast and again with rhinestones for Elizabeth, who also has a soft chiffon bow on the right shoulder and a gap on the left. Really beautiful!
But now let's review all the dresses for votes.


Versace VS Alberta Ferretti

Elizabeth = red dress, Long and fluffy chiffon and muslin, with a slight shoulder draping and studded swarowshi
Belen = bustier long blue satin with game plots and wide skirt.

Elizabeth = pearl gray adhere totally sexy dress with deep neckline.
Belen = mermaid strapless black dress with a beautiful tail.

Votes = 1 Elizabeth (sensual) Belen 2 (princely)

late evening

Pucci Fendi VS
Elizabeth = white dress, long, very sexy deep in the back and neck with long sleeves.
Belen = black mermaid gown studded with crystals, with round neckline front and back neck deep.

Elizabeth = other rust-colored gown with back and neck Bratello crossed. Side slit
Belen = electric blue gown, with shoulder jewel, also with a side slit to the waist strap.

Elizabeth = shoulder black dress (long sleeves) with sequins and train.
Belen = very delicate blush-colored dress with crystals at the waist and tulle in the skirt.

Vote Elizabeth 2 (sexy and seductive) Belen 3 (Romantic)


Cavalli Moschino VS

Elizabeth = powder pink chiffon dress with asymmetric cut and full skirt.
Belen = male tallieur cut bodice with silver glitter

Elizabeth = purple mermaid dress with draped neckline and American fabric Chiffon and tail behind.
Belen = black dress silhouette with the narrow ledges and a symbol of peace in the deep neckline.

Elizabeth = Longdress burgundy glitter
Belen = princess dress with burgundy skirt pompous and staple behind.

Votes: 2 Elizabeth (romantic and elegant) Belen 1 (intriguing)

Vivienne Westwood VS Fausto Puglisi

Elizabeth = minidress gold-bronze and draped with ; asymmetrical shape.
Belen = short turquoise dress in empire style with gold ornamentation

Elizabeth = black dress, along with simple elegant draperies and generous cleavage.
Belen = short dress with a train on the front and back with belt jewelry and games I do not see.

Elizabeth = burgundy colored minidress scollatissimo palliettato
Belen = short dress (much like the first) lemon yellow with golden applicagioni

Elizabeth = long red dress asymmetrical ankle round-neck draped.
Belen = minidress with silver metallic applications similar to earlier ones.

Vote Elizabeth 1 (elegant and sparkling) Belen 1 (playful- futuristic)


Armani LV Dior

Elizabeth = white dress, a long siren studded with crystals and pendants.
Belen = dark pink strapless dress with lace decorating style charleston

Elizabeth = long dress decorated with golden stone and bronze.
Belen = lace dress with colr basic meat skirt with geometric and transparent, very seductive

Elizabeth = pink dress with rhinestones shimmering gold and decorated with a bow on the soft shoulder
Belen = pale pink silk gown embroidered on the belly.

Votes both beautiful Elizabeth 3 Belen 3

wins the game with Belen 10 points against which totals Canalis 9 points! both Fantastic is not it? Although the fourth night was very disappointing! The My favorite dress of the award is to Belen and yours?
you next year with the Festival di Sanremo!


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